Thursday, September 20, 2012

Transcript Services That Can Be Used for TV Programs

Television has got to be one of the most powerful modes of entertainment. This wonder infotainment box can be found in almost all homes regardless of whether the owners are rich or poor. It has almost become an integral part of people's life. Through satellite network, numerous television programs are broadcasted by various television stations. All these normally look for professional Television transcription services.
People from different parts of the globe normally speak different languages. This means that TV channels should be able to broadcast their programs with subtitles that are written in different languages to appeal to a huge crowd. This is where the professional transcriber comes in to ensure that the program can be watched by the maximum number of people. There are also a huge percentage of people who have hearing disabilities. Captioning is usually done so as to help them follow what is going on in the screen with ease.
High quality transcription service providers normally use the latest innovations and software to do their job. Software is usually very easy to use and makes the work much faster. This however needs to be handled with care as a person needs to know exactly how it works if they are planning on using it. There are some companies that also employ professional transcriptionists to handle their assignments making sure that they are of high quality and are handed in at the right time within the stipulated deadlines. Most usually have 24hr TAT while some work with fast TAT of 12 hours.
Top transcription companies usually work with different types of Video storage methods like CDs, DV tapes, DVDs and VHS tape among many others. They also support a number of movie and video formats like RM, WMV, WMA, RM, MP3, MOV, WAV and FLV. The front runners in the industry offer their services for kids programs, light entertainment, comedy, educational programs, sports, science, current affairs, news and religious programs.
Popular television transcription companies also offer time coding and stamping services. They can also handle a variety of B-roll footages that come with uncut footage, supplement shot, raw footage and cut scene cut shots among many others.
Although most of the television transcription service providers are equipped with the best equipment to handle the job; accuracy of the final product depends on the quality of the video file that they are working on. A poor quality tape usually needs more time for transcription thus it is important to make sure you hand in high quality tapes.

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